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Skilled Administrative Support Online

Worksera is an online services delivery platform which provides single access to nationally distributed talent. Due to various socioeconomic reasons in India, many educated, qualified and talented women choose not to work in a conventional office / industrial setting, however, with the spread of the internet, it is possible to engage such women in productive economic activity while they work from home at competitive rates. Worksera harnesses this latent talent and mentors them for online service delivery and agile methodology to provide a high-quality talent pool of freelancers to clients. ​

Worksera has been recognized as a top women-led venture in India by IIM Bangalore and a top startup by the government of Karnataka. 

like YourStory and The Hindu.


Worksera is dedicated to creating remote opportunities for women in India, empowering them to excel in their careers. By choosing to hire from Worksera, you gain access to exceptional talent and contribute to a meaningful cause by supporting our mission to uplift and empower women in the workforce.


Our Team.

We are an all-women team working towards building a workforce run by women and for women.

Organized and Efficient

"Worksera has been a game-changer for us. The virtual assistant we hired through their platform has been incredibly reliable, efficient, and skilled."

Poonam Shukla


Let’s Start Working Together!

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